Curiosity by Wampire

Curiosity-WampireEric Phipps and Rocky Tinder are the two founding members of Wampire, a nice indie group, who play with Browning Cole, Kevin Rafn and Andrew Meininger.

This music group is part of the emerging music scene in Portland. Founded in 2007 as a electronic project, have become known in the house party of their city. In the beginning, their goal was to produce music that was danceable as possible.

Among the best album released by this group we can see “Curiosity” (2013), preceded by the single “The Hearse”.

The Wampire have wanted to give the album a retro impression, with old school synth and guitar riffs associated with accordions in reeds that give a gloomy and grim atmosphere. “Curiosity” is a various¬†work with different changes in style, switching from “fast” pieces to those more slow and sensual as ballads.

The Hearse“, which is the first piece in the album, introduces us to the world of Wampire with a song full of energy in a ghostly atmosphere. In the second track, “Orchards” the songs resembles to¬† a western film, with a background at a slower pace. In the song the sound is very nice at all levels, unique and with nice lyrics. By talking about lyrics we say that they are a possible limitation of the entire work, as none of the songs tell stories or messages as the words are only used as a complement.

“Giants” has a variety of sounds and probably is the best song in the album. “Curiosity“, the song which gives the name to the album, has an impetuous beginning thanks to the guitar. After a break we have a more quiet and reflective tones with resumes a more frantic pace.

The album is also quite fast and concise, as the nine tracks last for about thirty minutes.

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