Top ten songs to hear while you’re running

Top-ten-songsWhether you use treadmill in a gym or at home or you prefer going out to run in the park, this kind of sport is definitely nice and healthy. Some people do it to lose weight, other to de-stress from work/life problems, other to keep healthy, some run to try to join the next marathon in a big city such as New York or London. Whatever is the reason to run, a pair of headphones which plays good music is the best way to “do it better”.

At this point, which might be the most suitable songs to run? The choice is subjective and depends from anyone’s preference. Anyway here is a list of 10 songs made with the help of Rockol UK, which, in our opinion, can not miss in your MP3 player when you are going to run.

  1. “Eye of the Tiger”, Survivor (well, it’s not a surprise as it has always been chosen in the Rocky III movie)
  2. “Audio, Video, Disco”, Justice
  3. “Waiting for the Man”, The Velvet Underground
  4. “Electric Feel”, MGMT
  5. “Rock and Roll”, Led Zeppelin
  6. “I Ran ( So Far Away)”, A Flock of Seagulls
  7. “No Cars Go”, Arcade Fire
  8. “The Last Time”, The Rolling Stones
  9. “We are the champions”, The Queen
  10. “Wake Up”, Rage Against the Machine

Choosing the right song while you’re running help you to feel less fatigue and to “push” more and more. Those songs can also be very helpful in other situations, such as going to the gym to lift weights.

Music has always been very important in sport, so choose the best songs for you and go.

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