Oceanside by Reputante

Oceanside-ReputanteOceanside by Reputante is an album full of quality, only five songs but real feeling, not to miss. All the stories seems coming out from a fairy-tale, during those nights when sleep lingers to arrive.

Lock Me Up” and “Deep September Eyes” are a real pleasure, so simple and linear in the verse-chorus-verse structure that is quite simple to get and absord all the emotions of the album itself.

“Safe and Sound” is like the two songs above also if does not have the same immediate impact. Not a problem anyway as the song can be really appreciated in all its explosion second after second. At the end is a nice song which worth more than a listening.

The last song of the album, “Neighbor”, go almost unnoticed, let’s say a 6 out of 10.

If we would look for a negative point in this album, it may be the fourth song, “Sing to You”, which is quite similar to the theme of the japanise anime “Anne of Green Gables”. Anyway, it is just a small token to pay (more than willingly to be honest) for a good dip in a past.

Reputante group is formed by James Levy (voice), Emiliano Ortiz (guitar), Jimmy Giannopoulos (bass) and Raviv Ullman (drums). Someone says that Levy isĀ an unreliable narrator who does not know who to love and who to hate. That’s true but we need to remember that he has grown artistically in New York City so he knows limits and extensions of the new romantic music, how to filter it and how to get only the best.

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