Top ten records to hear while you’re driving

musicDrive a car alone is a think not anyone like to do. In both cases (if you are like a Formula 1 driver or if you usually prefer take public transports but sometimes you need to drive) here a list of the best ten records you can hear while you are driving.

We start our compilation with “Good Life (Remix)” By Faith Evans, a song which comes from “The Fast and The Furious” movie, which is all about cars and speed. This song is ideal to have a good time while driving, both if you are alone in the car or are enjoying someone’s else presence.

Judas Priest by Green Manalishi is another good song to drive, quite old but still high in our chart. If you can, prefer the live version, like the one played in Dallas in 1986. It is a high energy song, perfect for driving for miles and miles.

Burn by Deep Purple is the third song in the compilation, very energy and ideal to drive, alone or with other people. In this case both the album version and a live version are good. On the fourth place we put Smoke on the Water and at the fifth place Stormbringer, both by Deep Purple.

Highway Star by Metal Church is at the sixth place. As you can imagine from the song’s name, it is “born” to the heard in a car.

Let’s go to the bottom part of our chart with “Blindsided” by Bon Iver, ideal if you’re driving in a rainy day, “Like A Rolling Stone” of Bob Dylan, an always-green song, “Foolin’ ” by Devendra Banhart, ideal during hot summer days and “My Cherie Amour” by Stevie Wonder, for all of those who are driving to go out for the first appointment.

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