Dieci by Terje Nordgarden

dieciDieci” is a very nice folk-blues album made by Terje Nordgarden, a norwegian singer and songwriter who comes from the classical american school of songwriting. The album is played by Terje Nordgarden (vocals, guitar) and by the italians Caudullo Marcello (guitar) and Massimo Ferrarotto (percussion).

Thanks to the prodigious vocal abilities of singer-songwriter Nordgarden, this album is a real tribute to italian song. Nordgarden, indeed, attends regularly in Italy since 2003, so he speaks very well italian language also if some “north european” accent.

“Dieci” is a successful work: the original style of the songs is quite various. The particular Nordgarden pronunciation of italian language makes this album quite particular and very nice to hear.

The first track “Non √® la California” is the best song of this work: the distorted guitars emphasize a well-assimilated text by Nordgarden. The second “La mia rivoluzione” is another song particularly felt by the performer. Initially, is deliberately ethereal and a bit “untied” for almost half of its length, then Terje gives a “new life” to the song at its middle.

Very nice and romantic is “Invisibile“, intimate music and lyrics, the song is performed with just piano and voice.

Among all the songs, “Miele” is probably the one most similar, in terms of sounds, to norwegian sonorities that have been produced by musicians coming from the land of Nordgarden.

La realt√† non esiste” written by Claudio Rocchi, who passed away a few months ago, was perhaps the most difficult song of the entire album due to the originalits that have always distinguished the author. The result was an honest job.

“Dieci” is an intimate album to listen alone or with good friends to take your time, enjoy and relax.

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