One Breath by Anna Calvi

One-Breath-Anna-CalviOne Breath by Anna Calvi is a really great job, full of talent and ideas. This second album by Anna Calvi is the right follower to the first one, which given to the music world a debut that bordered on perfection. The album has been recorded in France and mixed in Texas.

This album is, if possible, even more ambitious than the first one. The entire work brings Anna in unexplored territories, from the 80s to the hard -rock. Compared with the first album, this second work increase the instrumentation used and becomes a more complex production, by keeping the fundamentals of her style, from the vocal power to the ability in playing guitar.

One Breath” keep in mind what done in the first album (Suddenly, Tristan and Eliza are the songs) without offering a sudden changes of pace and atmosphere (Cry, Piece By Piece and Love Of My Life are the songs). All this means that the disk appears, on the whole, a little “schizophrenic”, although the class of the author cannot be put in discussion. The album offers accelerations up to hysterical moments mixed with more calm and relaxing atmospheres, almost angelic, without forgetting everything in between.

One of the best song in the album is “One Breath“, the seventh one, which talks about the time befose you have to open yourself. It talks about how this moment can be terrifying and scary, especially if you never did it before. It is also a moment full of hope, because whatever has to happen has not yet happened.

If you are looking for an album great to hear, with good sonorities and nice lyrics, “One Breath” is the one, as you will stand in front of another great job.

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