Girls In Hawaii by Everest

Girls-In-Hawaii-EverestEverest” is heavily influenced by the death in a car accident of the drummer Denis Wielemans, brother of singer and guitarist Antione. The event, which took place in 2010, has understandably stretched the creative process and the gestation of the album, which was started in 2009 and ended in 2012. This album has been produced with the financial support of the music department of the Wallonia, a Brussels region.

Starring are Christophe Léonard (guitar, keyboards), Antoine Wielemans (vocals, guitar), Daniel Offermann (bass), Lionel Vancauwenberghe (vocals, guitar), Brice Vancauwenberghe (guitar) and Boris Gronemberger (drums).

The first thing to notice while hearing this album is the atmosphere of melancholy, that pervades every song. Virtually all texts refer to Denis. The acoustic guitar is the real winning instrument of this album.

Is not possible talk about this album without imagining what might have happened after the car accident. “Everest” is at the same time a dignified and discreet cry of pain from a group of friends for Denis. For this reason is not possible to classify the album with a single word, such as “good” or “bad”, although it is always clear that the writing skills of this Brussels band remains untouched. As said, to fully understand this album, which can donate real and strong emotions, is needed to understand feelings before and after that accident.

The phrase “This is a chance to maybe grow up”, from “Wars”, the last song of the album, is the most significant statement of the album itself.

As said from the band “we have called this record “Everest” not only in reference to the mountain, but especially in reference to what happened to us in the last 4 years, which is a thing too big to be described in words”.

Curiosity by Wampire

Curiosity-WampireEric Phipps and Rocky Tinder are the two founding members of Wampire, a nice indie group, who play with Browning Cole, Kevin Rafn and Andrew Meininger.

This music group is part of the emerging music scene in Portland. Founded in 2007 as a electronic project, have become known in the house party of their city. In the beginning, their goal was to produce music that was danceable as possible.

Among the best album released by this group we can see “Curiosity” (2013), preceded by the single “The Hearse”.

The Wampire have wanted to give the album a retro impression, with old school synth and guitar riffs associated with accordions in reeds that give a gloomy and grim atmosphere. “Curiosity” is a various work with different changes in style, switching from “fast” pieces to those more slow and sensual as ballads.

The Hearse“, which is the first piece in the album, introduces us to the world of Wampire with a song full of energy in a ghostly atmosphere. In the second track, “Orchards” the songs resembles to  a western film, with a background at a slower pace. In the song the sound is very nice at all levels, unique and with nice lyrics. By talking about lyrics we say that they are a possible limitation of the entire work, as none of the songs tell stories or messages as the words are only used as a complement.

“Giants” has a variety of sounds and probably is the best song in the album. “Curiosity“, the song which gives the name to the album, has an impetuous beginning thanks to the guitar. After a break we have a more quiet and reflective tones with resumes a more frantic pace.

The album is also quite fast and concise, as the nine tracks last for about thirty minutes.

American Folk Tradition by Shawn Howard

American-Folk-Tradition-by-Shawn-HowardOne of the best indie music always made is “American Folk Tradition” (2013) written by Shawn Howard, a self-taught musician who started to play at the age of 12.

Among all the songs in the album, “Sonny“, which is the seventh, put in evidence great lyrics and music, giving the idea of a great piece of music in the whole. It’s one of the best which can be heard in this album.

Very nice is also “Wild Horses In Missouri” that, as is possible to imagine by the title, wants to give a real feeling of country, savage and “wild”. Sonorities gives this feeling, the song is very nice to hear by sitting on a sofa, closing the eyes and starting to image infinite prairies, horses and freedom.

“American Folk Tradition” has good lyrics that bring the mind to think.

Cowboy Diplomacy” is another good song that proof once more the Shawn Howard’s voice is very nice while singing country songs, in which he put in evidence all his potential.

At the end we can say that Shawn Howard has some good pieces in his discography. To fully understand then the best way is to know and understand the country world, as it’s the one which is always put in lyrics by Shawn.

The album in itself is very enjoyable and absolutely worth to buy it.

Just to complete the albums of this composer, there is also “Train to Texarkana” (2013), a series of original songs composed in the style of country music during seventhies.