3 Songs We Liked in 2015

A-96922-1327587078.jpegLately, there have been amazing new releases by indie music bands and artists. Some have managed to earn large audiences whereas others have done averagely. All the same, some bands have produced influential songs in the near past, which has placed them in the global arena. If you are looking for great indie music, we could not mind to help you make this choice. Below are some of the best songs, which you will like.

Winching the Night Way (here is the Youtube video) is among the best latest indie songs. It was released in 2007 through the album Chutes Too Narrow, under Sub Pop label. The track was purely pop and its primary artist was The Shins under the leadership of James Mercer. The band had become popular back in 2001, after they released their debut album “Oh, Inverted World”. The Chutes Too Narrow album was rated 9.2 and it had over 170 ratings.

Another hit indie song is Our Love To Admire, which was released in 2007 in the album “Turn on the Bright Lights”, by Interpol (listen of Last.fm). The song was entirely rock and it hit from the very first day it was released to the market. Interpol is another indie band, which is a success, even if they are not signed to a major label.

More recently a new indie singer has been established. Lisbon Soul is creating a name for itself. Its pop song Love in Reverse has been very successful (listen it on Lisbon Soul Youtube official account or on Lisbon Soul Bandcamp account). Even if it was just released in 2015, the song has found its way to the hearts of several listeners and has received positive reviews. Up to date the song, has earned numerous downloads and views on Spotify among other music streaming sites where the song has been uploaded.

If you would want to refresh your music playlists or better still add some songs, you should consider these three tracks.

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