9 incredibly cool drinks!

Today the aperitif marks a very longed-for moment of the day, made of relaxation, chatting in freedom and confidences among friends. For many bars, the aperitif, accompanied by various appetizers, has soon become the main business, so much so that this practice has gradually become almost a real lifestyle.

In this article we go to see the coolest drinks of the summer.


This cocktail is named after the legendary Mexican coastal town famous for its extraordinary Caribbean beaches. Inspired by the flavours, aromas and distillates typical of those areas, it is a very pleasant aperitif with an average alcohol content, to be drunk alone or with friends.


The Manhattan is an American whiskey cocktail, an extremely elegant one, completely different from the previous one, ideal for a “candlelight” aperitif.


From Acapulco to Malibu, passing through Manhattan, who knows why the best cocktails have so many names of (wonderful) cities. The Malibu cocktail is made with rum and vodka and is super easy to prepare at home, following this recipe.


An excellent cocktail for a “festive” aperitif, Margarita was born in Mexico and is, of course, based on Tequila. One of its peculiarities is the garnish with salt from the edge of the glass.

Ramazzotti 1815

More than a cocktail, it is a bitterness that is not lacking in Italy (where it was born) and in the world. It is increasingly drunk abroad thanks to its strong and particular flavor.

Dry Martini

One of the most classic and timeless aperitif cocktails, born in the United States in the early 1900s. There are several variants, the best is always the classic one.


Finally a cocktail born in Italy by an Italian barman. It was born in the ’20s when Count Camillo Negroni, tired of the usual American aperitif, asked the barman to add some gin. This is how Negroni was born, a famous and highly appreciated aperitif drunk all over the world.


Its spread has increased dramatically in recent years, soon becoming the favorite aperitif of many young people, especially in summer when, thanks to its liveliness, its colors and its moderate alcohol content has breached the hearts of young and old, men and women, marking the most coveted moment of the day’s work, that of the aperitif, precisely.

Whiskey Sour

An ancient cocktail, among the most famous in the world, drunk in every corner of the planet, often just as an aperitif. Despite the discreet alcohol level is very pleasant, very fragrant and lively.